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► Rural Energization via Solar, Wind or Hydro Power
Hybrid, Grid-tied or Stand-alone power systems from 2.5 kilowatts up to 1
megawatt and up, modular to meet desired power requirement

► Municipal / Barangay Water Supply
Communal (Level 2) or Individual household Point-of-Use (Level 3) from 500- 50,000 gals. per day.

► Water Filtration and Desalination
Commercial / industrial use from 2,500 - 45,000 gals of sea water to pure potable water

► Solid Waste Management / Material Recovery Facility
Modular composting equipment from 1,500 kgs. and up, Organic fertilizer production

► Specialty manufacturing for agricultural processors and dryers, ice-plants/ cold storage facilities

► Construction and Erection of Met Mast Tower 40, 50, 60 meter height (tubular/lattice)

► Supply, installation and commissioning of wind measurement equipment & devices, wind data retrieval, assessment and reporting.

► Mechanical equipment power conversion to renewable-based (electric) energy
Taxicab, motorcycle, tri-cycle, small fishing boat

► Custom-design Mobile Solar Pump System / Portable Power System for point-of-use application